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Favourites from 2017

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

What with it being a New year (yes, alright, we are a third of the way through but it just doesn't feel like it) I thought it would be a good idea to revamp my website a little. It was getting a bit tired and frankly I was ever so shocked to see how my photography had changed since I first designed my website. I decided to scrap the last blog that I had and introduce a fresh one. This being the very first post!

So hello... my name is Louisa and I am mostly a documentary wedding and family photographer. What does that mean? Well, I adore imagery that tells a story. I am passionate about capturing moments that unfold naturally between people and I love to do this as artistically and creatively as possible. That's not to say that I won't take your group formal shots at the wedding but predominately I'm moved by imagery that is pure and honest and not set up in anyway. I love genuine authentic moments that harness as much emotion that is humanly possible,

I decided that my first post on the blog should be some of my favourite documentary images from 2017. Gosh, what a fab year it was. I'm pretty confident saying that I loved every -single-wedding possibly as much as the couples that got married did. So, enough of me rambling, here are just a few of my favourite documentary moments from last year..

Bride, Pene with her Mum

The congratulations

Big smiles for bride from her groom and their son

Bride and bridesmaids

The walk to the Church

Laughter on the dance floor

Bouncing into married life

Groom and his mother

The vows

Mummy getting ready

Groom's brother (and Bestman) helping him with his tie

A corker of a bestman speech

First dance

Tears of joy as best friend exchanges vows.

Giggles from the guests

Mr Vape

Guests feeling the love

Love on the dance floor

The promise


Rain rain go away

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