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The Larmer Tree Gardens - Charlotte and Lewis

One great thing about all this Covid malarkey is that I have been given the opportunity to go through images from previous weddings and as I'm doing that, it seems sensible to share them, right?!

This beautiful Dorset wedding was at the wonderful Larmer Tree (one of my favourite wedding venues, go see it here). It was an October wedding and happened to be one of the wettest weekends known to man, it didn't stop raining from start to finish but the smiles, laughter and emotion were pouring out all day too. Seriously, despite the weather, this wedding rocked! The Larmer Tree Gardens were rich with autumn colours, the flowers were divine, Charlotte and Lewis were looking like something on a cover of a magazine, seriously tawit tawoo! The speeches were brilliant, the dance floor was packed and I was able to do my first sparkler shot in the heavy rain (I do love a challenge).

Going through these pictures again makes a wedding photographer miss weddings even more. I can't wait to get back to it I really can't. Take a look...

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