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Larmer tree wedding photographer

emotive story-telling photography 

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Welcome to 

Photography by Louisa Jane


for beautiful and timeless images from wedding photography and engagements to families and businesses  

Dorset Photographer Louisa Jane




Hi I am Louisa!


Thank you for visiting my website.  I am a family, wedding and business photographer based in Gillingham, North Dorset.

I have a passion for telling a story through my photographs and I am known for taking images that resonate with emotion and authenticity.

My work has been featured in publications as well as other documentary- style  photography competitions.   

Whether you're looking for someone to take the perfect family photographs, getting married or enhancing your business presence through striking commercial imagery, I would love to tell your story. I have been a Dorset  photographer for nine years and consider it to be the best job in the world.  

I am driven to capture authentic, natural moments but equally love to photograph more creative imagery too. 

Celebrating People, Moments and Connections.

capturing real moments as they happen, telling genuine stories through pictures. It's all about being in the moment, finding joy in everyday scenes, and celebrating the beauty of genuine connections. 

Relaxed, timeless, emotive documentary photography

Photography that captures everything from engagements to weddings to families and growing businesses. 

Dorset engagement photographer

Dorset Engagement photographer

 Specialising in natural and genuine moments, I have a deep passion for capturing couples at their favourite places, be it a leisurely walk, a scenic beach, or their cherished town. 

Anticipate a relaxed shoot that prioritises genuine interactions and candid emotions, avoiding forced poses to create a collection of heartfelt images, that are perfect to announce your engagement 

I am based in Gillingham, North Dorset but live right on the borders of Somerset and Wiltshire too so we are fortunate enough to have an array of beautiful backdrops for your engagement photos and couple shoot . 

 I am love to capture authentic real moments within my wedding photography and would be classified as a documentary wedding photographer. as it is  the story-telling moments that I endeavour to encapsulate in my work.  I like to be in the right in the action throughout the day so I don't miss a single moment. 

I look for  stunning light to enhance those precious moments that take place on a wedding day, I do love to take some images that are a little more creative too with some creative off camera flash shots. 


Dorset wedding  photographer

Dorset photographer

Dorset family photographer

I began capturing the essence of childhood when my two children came into the world. It wasn't until their arrival that I knew that I needed to document every moment as they were going to grow up impossibly quickly and I wanted to . My passion lies in freezing genuine moments, allowing families to authentically engage during our outings to scenic locations in the Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset area. Whether it's a leisurely walk or in the comfort of your own home. 

Expect a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during our sessions

Dorset commercial photographer

 I am driven to capture authentic images and it is  the story-telling real-life documentary moments that I endeavour to encapsulate in my work.  I like to be in the thick of the action throughout the day so I don't miss a single moment. 

I am always looking for stunning light to enhance those magical moments that take place on a wedding day. I absolutely love to be a bit creative with my photography too with interesting compositions and creative off camera flash shots. 

I have a warm edit to my photography with muted tones. 

Dorset commercial photographer


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