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Hi, I am Louisa, I am a family and wedding photographer based in Gillingham Dorset.


I cover Somerset, Wiltshire, London and the rest of the UK, no really I do! 

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I have two wonderful children; Harry and Esme,  they complete my world and on occasion have me tearing my hair out.

Maths terrifies me...

I've always talked to the animals and quite fancy myself as the next Dr Doolittle. I've tried to help out with fostering animals. It turns out though, that I'm not very good at it as I end up adopting them all! 

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My favourite colour is red... 

At school, I absolutely loved Psychology and therefore went on to qualify as a Mental Health Nurse. I believe this has given me the supersonic, people watching powers, which allows me to produce those emotion packed photos that I take today..

Nigel Kennedy asked me to marry him...

My guilty pleasures are getting into my pyjamas too early in the day, discussing all things related to photography with fellow photography enthusiasts,  oh and eating peanut butter straight from the jar!


Wedding Photography - Couple and Family Photography - Headshot and Personal Branding Photographer - Commercial Photography 

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