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Hotel du vin - Jess and Paul

I met Jess and Paul at the beginning of 2019, I photographed their beautiful engagement shoot at Alfred's Tower.

Jess and Paul had to change their wedding venue and wedding date three times due to Covid. It was a extremely stressful time for them but I have to confess their wedding was made even more special because of it too. They were able to have a beautiful Dorset wedding a Poole Guild Hall at their reception followed at the stunning Hotel Du Vin, you can see more of the venue here.

Jess and Paul were limited with the number of guests they could have at their wedding due to Government Legislation and all guests had to wear masks too. But, the sun shone brightly for them all day and many other guests joined them on Zoom. This gorgeous couple decided to take a walk along Poole Harbour and enjoy an ice-cream together, they received cheers and claps from people that were out enjoying the summer sun. I can't tell you how lovely it was to see that joy that complete strangers experienced when they saw them.

As a side note, for all you photographers out there, if you haven't shot a wedding yet in a mask, it is a slight occupational hazard as your camera viewfinder steams up with the hot air coming out from behind your mask. Note to self - practise holding one's breath!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, let's cut to the chase shall we and take a look at an absolute diamond of a day....

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