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Anna and Simon-163.jpg

Anna and Simon

 "Thank you for our amazing pictures. I didn’t know it was possible but you actually photographed the emotion.


I’ve never wanted to look at any photos as much as these. Everyone I’ve shown them to has said how incredible they are as well."

Eleanor and Tom-731.jpg

Eleanor and Tom

"We have just finished looking through all the photos and they are so incredible!


We love them so very much! Thank you so much, you've done just such a brilliant job.


You have captured so many beautiful moments from the day, every photo has made us smile, laugh, or "aw". We are so pleased with them and grateful to you for producing them


Thank you again, they are all such works of art!"

Mr and Mrs Macpherson-271.jpg

Robert and Jessica

"Looking back on our day, our only regret is that we didn’t book you, Louisa,  for a longer period.


We can’t thank her enough for your time and dedication and whilst post-wedding should be a time of reflection we haven’t had a moment because our guests keep asking for your details!


We absolutely love our images"

Spencer and Vicki

" We got our photos today - I can't believe how amazing you are. There isn't one photo that I don't like.


The images are breathtaking. You have captured the love, laughs. And so much more in all the photos, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Matt and Katie

"Thank you for reminding me how beautiful Kate looked, how she looked at me and I at her, for capturing every moment I missed between people I love and for telling the story of our wedding, which I will read again and again and again.

Each and every photograph is simply a work of art, a freeze-frame of life, bursting with emotion, atmosphere and precious memories.

You've captured a moment in our lives which I will always treasure, I can't tell you how special that is for us.

I just wish I had enough walls to hang them all."

Michael and Rakel

"The photographs have arrived and they're all so beautiful too!


I also really love the slideshow you made it really captures the day, I keep watching it over and over again. Thank you so much. "

Kelly and James



We love love love the photos. James and I both believe that we are the most unphotogenic people on the planet and yet you have created a mound of images we are both so happy with -

Thank you. ”

Asli and Mika

“Huge thank you to Louisa Jane for the stunning photos. Guests commented on what a lovely person she is, a highly skilled photographer, who stands out from the rest because she sees with her heart. ”

Julie and Stuart

"Just want to say how amazing the photos are, we got home from our amazing Honeymoon on Sunday and they were waiting for us....lovely pics.


Just looked at the video again and again....absolutely amazing and beautiful photos of what was my most special day.


So thank you so much."

Luke and Giselle

"Louisa, I just wanted to say a big thank you for our lovely wedding photos!


We had the chance to go through them properly over the weekend and we loved them. 

Now we just have to work out which ones to print off and frame!

Thank you so much, we were really delighted with them."

Gareth and Pene

"Literally just finished looking through them! OMG just amazing, love them all so much, quite a lot of favourites there!!


Just wow, I've watched the slideshow several times, so clever you are!!


Thank you so so much!!"

Nick and Emily 

"The photos arrived yesterday and we can literally not stop looking at them!


We love them! Thank you for capturing so many precious moments. "

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