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The first Wednesday in November each year is National Stress Awareness Day.

We all know what it’s like to feel stressed - being under pressure is a normal part of life. But becoming overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse. Having a background in mental health nursing, I feel passionate about mental health awareness and know first-hand the darkness and despair that can consume you having had postnatal depression.

#StressAwareness Day is a great opportunity to take a moment to think about our well-being and find advice or support on managing stress. Being self-employed, I have to be careful to maintain my work/ home balance. Being a photographer, you have to wear many hats. Such a small percentage of the job is actually taking photographs. My day is filled with client meetings, balancing my accounts, marketing the business, networking with other professionals, attending wedding fayres and, of course, countless hours of editing. It is easy to become lost in all the tasks that need to be completed, but to maintain my well-being, I have prioritise family time for a portion of every single day.

I know it can make a huge difference sharing how you’re feeling with friends and colleagues. Not only can you gain some great advice and tips, you may find yourself supporting others when they really need it. Here is my guide to managing my stress day-to-day. There is nothing revolutionary here, but I hope it could help you to take a moment to think about your well-being.


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